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City centre church

Measuring 51 m x 21 m, with the roof at 40 m and the churchtower at 90 m, St. Nikolai's is the biggest church in town - located on the largest square in Flensburg, the Südermarkt. In 1898 the houses of »Kattsund« on the southern and eastern sides of the church were demolished, as were two larger houses at the former north edge of the then much smaller Südermarkt. If you walk around the church, you can still get a rough idea of the original layout. Walking uphill from the church entrance towards St. Nikolai yard, in the rear of the Old Vicarage (Altes Pastorat) you pass the organist's house, which was built onto the tower in about 1750. Further on is the school, which used to be run by St. Nikolai's. It was built in 1792 and later became a municipal property; after this it was enlarged and another storey was added in the first half of the nineteenth century. The church originally towered above the surrounding low houses, and it is still possible to get an impression of this as you turn along the flight of stairs behind the school. The original »deacon's house« (Diakonat) and later main vicarage (Hauptpastorat) facing the square was built in the baroque style.The parish of St. Nikolai's sees itself as the »church in the City« and this gives the parishioners a special obligation. St. Nikolai's hosts central services, celebrations, events and meetings for churches in the Flensburg area. It is also used by a number of different local groups for various activities and functions, which are not necessarily religious in nature, as long as their ideas do not go against the fundamental principles of the church.

The parish rooms of the »Altes Pastorat« on the Südermarkt area also available for community use and can also be hired by local groups. Contemporary political issues as well as historical events ara both recognised and remembered and here openmindedness is an essential part of the parish's character. After September 11th 2001, a memorial service was held at St. Nikolai's and people from all across Flensburg joined to take part. The massacre of Jews by the nazis on November 9th 1938 is remembered every year. Since the late 70's, the parish has made commitments to ecumenism and working for peace and justice. Also the church is used for open discussions on topics of common interest or public concem. In the summer of 2000, for example, architects, politicians, town planners and local citizens attended a three-day workshop at St. Nikolai's on plans to re-design the Südermarkt, a topic which has been hotly debated for decades. Yet above all, the parishioners want people to experience the spiritual side of the church. Besides looking around the building or resting in silent prayer, you can think about short texts on display, light a candle, make an entry in the praer-book, or stay a little longer and enjoy the organ music, exhibitions and events which the church offers. The church is also open on weekdays, and you are warmly invited to come in for meditation or quiet reflection.